We selected the native brook trout for our logo because it is our keystone species.  To protect it, we need to preserve all of the values of the Savage River watershed.       

Watershed  Association

The Watershed

The Savage River is a headwater tributary for the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay that includes both coldwater and highland streams.  As Maryland’s premier brook trout fishery, the Savage River has been identified as a conservation priority because it is one of the few watersheds that still contain intact populations of native brook trout in Maryland.  Located mainly in Garrett County, the Savage River watershed occupies over 74,000 acres of mostly forested land in western Maryland. The Savage River and its tributaries are located in a sparsely populated area and flow through only a few communities. Lack of development in the watershed has allowed for the survival of brook trout and other species which are extremely sensitive to the impacts of many types of pollution and disturbance. The watershed is comprised of a mixture of private and public lands including many working farms and several designated ‘wildlands.’  Within the watershed there are abundant recreational opportunities and local economies that draw people from around the area during all seasons.

While the Savage River watershed maintains a high level of biological integrity, it is still very susceptible to a myriad of negative impacts including: acid mine drainage (AMD), storm water runoff, thermal pollution, sediment pollution, atmospheric deposition of acids and toxic metals, extractive industries, and exotic invasive species.  SRWA is now working to identify specific impacts and generate a plan for remediation.